Well I went and did it again. I got involved in yet another interactive fan fiction story. This time, my character was paired with Richie (much more to my liking). That story wrapped in early November 2008, and I had been asked to assemble the "story posts", that is, the posts that tell Richie and Jen's story, in one place for people to read.

So I'm doing it.

I'm having to add some filler as I go, as there were lengthy pauses between the verbose posts I made, but I'm trying to keep the flow of the story going.

The Richie/Jen story is only half of the fan fic project. The other half was a Jon/T story. That is not explored here at all. In fact, very little mention is made. Just enough so it isn't a surprise when T shows up at various points.

If anything is confusing, please let me know. I've been living this character for the better part of the last eight months, and her memories are mine. I forget, sometimes, that you all can't see into my head.

I hope you enjoy the story. It starts here.

~ Hath

Weekend in New York

Monday, June 29, 2009
Friday was a trial. Jennifer woke more sore than she had been the night before. She got a late start, since she had to go extra slow while she packed the car. It seemed like the slightest misstep sent spasms through her knee. She found a cane in the coat closet; a remnant from a sprained ankle several years ago, and thumped her way between the house and car several times before she was ready to go.

The girls had taken the train out of Boston and Jennifer picked them up at the local train station. They tossed their bags in the back seat, climbed in and were on their way.

“How’s the knee today?” Samantha asked.

“Hurts like a bitch,” Jennifer answered.

“Are you sure you’re alright to drive?” Cheryl asked. “I’d be happy to do it.”

Jennifer smiled. “Nah, I’m fine,” she lied. “I have some Advil onboard and about five pounds of ice strapped to my leg. Let’s just go!”

“So,” Samantha started, “tell us all about Richie. What’s he like in bed?”

With great gales of laughter, Jennifer told them all about Richie’s visit and the last few days, giving just enough details that her friends were satisfied, but not too much that she’d be embarrassed. While they rocked out to the iPod, they made their way through southern Mass and Rhode Island. Somewhere in Connecticut, they stopped at a fast food joint and loaded up on greasy fries and questionable hamburgers, laughing and talking the whole time. Once back in the car, they fired up the GPS and put in the address of the hotel where they were staying.

When they arrived, Jennifer gratefully handed her keys to the valet, and waited while the bellman loaded all their bags onto a cart. They got themselves checked in, and Jennifer slumped onto the couch and put her leg up. The knee was swollen and very tender to the touch.

“Ugh, thank God we’re here,” she said. “I’ve never been so happy to see the inside of a hotel suite in my entire life.”

She looked at the other girls, who were sprawled out on couches and chairs as well. The 5-hour drive made for a long day. “Who wants first dibs on the shower?” Samantha asked.

“Not me,” Jen said. “I just wanna sit. Make a couple of phone calls. Jon said to give him a call when we got here.” She smiled wickedly. “He thought we might be able to meet up with them at some point today, so we can celebrate Richie’s birthday.” Cheryl and Sam just stared at her. “But if you’d rather do something just the three of us...”

“Uh hello?” Cheryl said. “Have we met? I’m Cheryl, and I’m a Joviholic.”

The girls laughed and Jen took out her Blackberry. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’ll let you know.” She started to dial, and Sam just stared at her. “What?” Jen asked.

“You have Jon Bon Jovi’s phone number in your Blackberry?”

“He insisted,” Jennifer said, smiling. “He’s bound and determined to get me and Richie together today, and told me to call him when I hit the city.” She scrolled down to Jon’s number and hit ‘send’.

“Yeah,” the answer came.

“Nice phone manners, there Jon. It’s Jennifer, we made it.”

Jon laughed. “Sorry, I’m in the middle of something. Glad you made it here okay. Rich told me you got hurt last night?”

“Nothing serious,” she answered. “So, what were your thoughts for today? What do you have going on?”

“We’ve got a few interviews this afternoon, but nothing tonight. Want to meet for dinner?”

“Lemme ask,” Jen said. She covered the mouthpiece. “Hey guys, want to have dinner with them?”

“You have to ask?” Sam answered, rolling her eyes.

Jennifer laughed. “Jon,” she said into the phone, “we’d love to. Where and when? Got it. OK, see you then. Bye.” Hanging up, she turned to the girls. “They’ll come and pick us up for a late supper, around nine or so. We got time. If you guys want to go out, don’t worry about me. I want to rest up for tonight.”

The girls ended up staying in, not wanting to leave Jennifer by herself. They watched the local news, showered and dressed, and by eight, were antsy.

“Where are we going again?” Cheryl asked.

Jennifer named an Italian restaurant. “Not sure where it is, but I’d trust Jon when it comes to food. Richie, too. They enjoy eating too much to pick someplace crappy.” The girls all laughed.

Richie called them from the car. “Sorry we didn’t come in to collect you girls, but there’s a pile of people down here, and we just don’t want to deal with it right now.”

“No problem,” Cheryl said. She was closest to the phone when it rang, and nearly dropped it when she heard Richie’s voice. “We’ll be down in a couple of minutes.” She hung up the phone, a sly smile on her face. “Jen, our chariot awaits,” she called.

Jennifer laughed. “Great, let’s go.”

In the lobby, the concierge met them in the lobby. “If you ladies will wait here a moment, I will have the driver bring the car around. The gentlemen didn’t want to wait in front of the hotel.”

The girls waited outside, glad the hot July day had turned milder. They looked expectantly up the block and shared a smile when they saw the sleek black limousine cruise up the block. The Lincoln glided to a stop and the driver jumped out.

“Evening, ladies,” he said with a smile. “Let me get the door for you.” He opened the door and one at a time the girls crawled in.

“Hi guys,” Cheryl said, smiling widely.

“Evening, boys,” Samantha drawled, her own smile lighting up the dim interior of the car.

“Where’s Jen?” a honey-dripping bluesy voice called.

“I’m coming already,” she said. “Give a gimp a break, huh?” She maneuvered into the car, being careful not to jostle her leg, and settled beside Samantha and Cheryl in the forward-facing seat. She settled with an “oof” and accepted a glass of something from Tico. “Good evening, gentlemen,” she said with a regal tilt of her head. Richie was closest to Jen, and leaned in for a kiss.

“Hey you,” he said, resting his big hand gently on her knee. She winced slightly, but was glad for his touch.

“So,” David said. “Who’s who?”

“Sorry,” Jennifer said. She introduced her girlfriends to the band, and the car took off.

By the time they got to the restaurant, they were all laughing. David was telling them a story about a practical joke he had played on Tico, lining his drum kit with a fine dusting of sneezing powder. During sound check, a huge cloud of powder poofed into the air, and Tico had to take another shower to get it all off of him.

“Yeah,” Tico had said, “You laugh, Davey-boy. Just remember what I told you.” He winked at the girls. “You fuck with my drums again, and I’ll shove a high-hat so far up your ass, I can play your head.”

“Like to see you try it, Tiny T,” David answered, ducking when Tico threw a mock punch at him.

The car pulled around to the backside of the restaurant, and the owner himself came out, waiting for the door to open. “Gentlemen, ladies,” he said, as people piled out of the car. “I have a private room ready for you; if you’ll please follow me.” Jon took a bag from the driver and led the party through the kitchens to an elegant private dining room. The chairs were covered in heavy burgundy brocade that went beautifully with the polished cherry-wood table.

The walls were cream colored, and a gorgeous chandelier hung overhead. Everyone settled around the table, and the owner disappeared, after promising to send his sommelier straight away. The man in question came around with bottles of champagne, and poured everyone a glass. Richie declined, sticking with water. After the man had left, Jon stood.

“Rich, you’re getting old man,” he said.

“Fuck you,” Richie said.

“No, no,” Jon answered, “I’ll leave that horrible job to Jennifer.” She blushed. “Anyway, happy birthday, man. Enjoy the last of your forties.”

“Here here,” everyone saluted, and clinked glasses together.

Jennifer leaned in to Richie. “Happy birthday, sweetheart,” she said, kissing him tenderly. She cupped his cheek and looked into his eyes. He winked at her and turned his head so he could lick her palm. Jennifer’s eyes fluttered briefly, as she struggled not to sigh at the table.

“So!” David called out. “It’s time for presents.” He grabbed for the bag that Jon had brought, and Jon slapped his knuckles.

“No grabbing,” he said, mock anger in his face. The girls giggled at their antics.

The guys had gotten Richie what Jon called “trinkets”. Jewelry, a new guitar strap, raunchy t-shirts. Jennifer’s favorite was one that had a big silhouette of a moose on it and said, “Got Moose?” Someone had drawn an enormous dick on the moose with a Sharpie. She’d have to borrow that one some time. Jon looked expectantly at Jennifer. “Well?” he asked her.

“What makes you think I got him a gift I want him opening in front of all you losers?” She ran a manicured nail along the plunging neckline of her dress. Samantha elbowed Jennifer roughly. She still couldn’t believe Jennifer was so utterly comfortable with these men. Jen just laughed at her and continued. “What if I told you I got this really sexy lingerie...”

David’s face lit up. “Yeah?”

“Back off,” Richie said with a scowl.

“C’mon, we’re all friends here…” David wheedled.

“NO!” Richie said.

Jon burst out laughing. “Before I’m short one piano player, what’d you really get him?”

Jennifer rolled her eyes and pulled a small box out of her purse, sending David a scathing look. “No, there’s no thong in here,” she said. Richie tried to pull it from her hands, but Jen held fast. “If you don’t like it, I can take it back.”

“I’m sure I’ll love it,” Richie answered. He tugged until she let go of the box, and untied the deep purple ribbon. He carefully slit the silver paper and David laughed at him and told him to hurry up. When he saw the distinctive blue box, he looked up at her, eyebrow winged.

“What?” She said. “What’s the point of having money if you can’t spend it on people you care about?”

Richie cracked open the box, and sucked in a breath. “Jennifer, darlin’, it’s beautiful. I love it!” He pulled out a heavy platinum chain with a thin matching oval hanging from it. Engraved on one side was “Adam & Joan”, and on the other was “Ava”. He handed it to her. “Put it on me?” He turned his back on her and she fastened the clasp. He turned, and the disc nestled in the hollow just under his collarbones.

“It looks good,” she said. “You really like it?”

“I love it. Really. Thank you.”

“Happy birthday, sweetheart.” She leaned in for another kiss.

After a fantastic dinner where seemingly endless platters of food kept magically appearing from the kitchen, they all loaded up in the limo. At the hotel, Jen leaned in to whisper in Richie’s ear, “Are you sure you don’t want a private birthday party?” The other girls had gotten out of the car, and were waiting on the sidewalk. Passers-by were trying to peer into the car to see who was in there.

“Baby, I would love nothing more, but Jon has us starting early, and I won’t be able to concentrate on anything if I have your scent, your flavor all over me...”

“Oh hell, give it a rest, man, we can HEAR you for Christ’s sake,” David said.

Richie chuckled. “I will definitely take a rain check for tomorrow night, darlin’.”

“It’s a deal.”

Saturday morning was bright, sunny and warm. It was going to be a fantastic day for a concert. The girls were up and dressed early, and Cheryl took off for Central Park, to see about using the disabled entrance for Jen. Jennifer felt stupid because she wasn’t disabled, just clumsy, but Cheryl was having none of it. She called late morning to tell the others that she had secured a spot in line, and around noon time, Jen and Samantha left for Central Park to meet up with her.

They found Cheryl at one of the side-entrances, talking to the security people. Jen hobbled up and leaned against a tree.

“Steve,” Cheryl said, “This is my friend I was telling you about.”

“The one who tore up her knee in Boston the other night? Why aren’t you in the hospital, woman?”

Jennifer laughed. “What, and miss the concert of a lifetime?” She shook her head. “Uh-uh. I can have reconstructive surgery any time. When again in my life is my favorite band going to be playing in Central Park?”

Steve just laughed at her and shook his head. “You’re crazy.”

They waited on line for a couple of hours before they were let in. As they walked the paths, they could hear the far-away screams from the rest of the crowd as they raced to secure a spot in front of the stage. As they approached the stage from the side, barriers were moved aside, and the girls were able to grab a patch of grass about 100 feet from the stage. They set out their blankets, and settled in for a relaxing afternoon.

Close to six, Jen’s phone rang.

“Where are you baby?” Richie asked.

Jen laughed. “Sitting here on the lawn, off on Hughie’s side, about a hundred feet or so back. We’ll probably move closer once everyone stands up.”

“How’re you feeling?”

“Fine,” Jennifer said. “Seriously, don’t worry about me. How are you guys? I bet we got more sleep than you last night.”

Richie chuckled. “Dave’s still hurting but the rest of us are fine, thanks. Just wanted to check in. We have to go do some stupid interview now or something.”

Jen laughed. “Hey, tell Jon congratulations for us, okay?”

“For what?” Richie was puzzled.

“Bad team owner! Your Soul won! Don’t tell me none of your minions told you that.”

“No! Nobody did! HEY!” Jennifer heard him snag someone and ask about the score, then told the person to get their ass to Jon’s. “Can’t believe I didn’t know that. I’ll tell Jon. He’ll be pumped. Be prepared for a great show.”

“Always, sweetie. Now, go do your work and I’ll see you after?”

“Absolutely. I’ll come by your hotel and get you. I don’t know what time we’ll get out of here, and I don’t want you hanging around the park that late all by yourself and injured, to boot.”

“Yes, daddy,” Jennifer said.

“Shut up,” Richie said, sniggering. “I’ll make you pay for that, my pretty,” he said, doing a fair imitation of the wicked witch of the west.

“I certainly hope so,” Jen answered, her voice low and full of promise.

A few hours later, when the show was done, and the last bows were taken, Richie caught sight of Jen and smiled at her, blowing her a kiss. The girls made their way out to the street and were surprised they didn’t have to wait more than ten minutes for a cab. In New York City. At 10:00 on a Saturday night. They were back at the hotel by 10:30, and Jen was showered and changed by 11. Close to midnight, there was a knock at the door. Jennifer opened it to Richie.

“Rich!” She cried. “Come in! Come in! You guys were amazing tonight!” Richie gave her a lingering kiss that had the others sighing.

“Sorry girls,” he said, looping an arm around Jen’s waist, and looking anything but. “Needed a fix.” His smile lit the room, and Cheryl and Sam couldn’t help but smile back. They gazed appreciatively at his black form-fitting shirt, which left little to the imagination, and was unbuttoned nearly to his waist.

Jennifer hugged the other two girls while Richie gathered up Jennifer’s bags. “It was beyond awesome to spend the weekend with you guys,” she said, tearing up. “We’ll have to get together again soon. Real soon.”

Cheryl and Samantha watched wistfully as Jennifer left the suite with Richie. When they were in the hall, Richie led her to the alcove where the ice machine was stowed and gently backed her against the wall. He kissed her deeply, growling at the feel of her lips against his. Jen could feel his erection pressing into her, and reached between them to give it a squeeze.

Richie tore his mouth away. “Jesus, Jen, don’t do that – you’re likely to make me go off right here!”

“Only fair, sweetheart,” Jen said, “since I was wet from the minute you took the stage. Where are we going?”

“Upstairs,” Richie said, barely breathing. “I couldn’t wait to get across town before I could have you.”

“What are we waiting for then?”

Hath Gets Hurt

Monday, June 22, 2009
Jennifer and Cheryl had a great, lazy day. Somewhere mid-afternoon, they loaded up in Jennifer’s car, dialed up the GPS, and pointed the big blue Chevy toward the airport. They were picking up Samantha, another woman from the board, who had decided last minute to make the trip and meet Jen and Cheryl in person.

When they arrived at the terminal, they saw a sleek blonde in dark sunglasses waiting outside with one huge suitcase and a laptop bag. Jennifer pulled up alongside her and threw the transmission into park. They were out of the car in an instant, embracing each other like long-lost sisters.

“Sam!” Jennifer said, “I’m so glad to finally meet you in person!”

“Jen,” she answered, “Cheryl and I wanted to make this a surprise, but we just couldn’t keep it a secret. This is awesome. I can not WAIT for tonight!”

The girls loaded Samantha’s gear into the Tahoe and had their GPS navigator take them back to the hotel. They got Sam all unpacked and they called down to the front desk looking for something to eat. The desk clerk recommended a pizza place about a block away that delivered the best Sicilian pizza they had ever eaten. Sitting sprawled on their hotel room floor with a pile of napkins and bottles of soda, the three women got acquainted. By the time the final slice was polished off, they felt like they had known each other forever.

“So, you and Richie still getting along then?” Samantha asked.

“From what I heard last night,” Cheryl said, “they get along JUST fine.”

“Damn, Cheryl!” Jennifer said, blushing.

“Well, it’s totally your fault,” she answered, laughing. “You should have gone with him to the Ritz.”

Jennifer shook her head. “I couldn’t do that. Couldn’t just ditch you guys like that.”

“Hell, girl, if it were me, I would have dumped ya’ll at the drop of a hat,” Samantha said.

“Good to know,” Jennifer said.

Around five, Jennifer’s phone rang. She smiled and answered, “Hey baby.”

“Jen, darlin’, what time are you coming to the venue?” Richie’s honey-smooth voice curled her toes.

“Listen to you, ‘the venue’. Honey, repeat after me. ‘Gahden’. It’s the ‘Bahstin Gahdin’. Or it should be anyway,” she groused. “And we’re getting dressed now, we should be leaving in about half an hour, we’re just waiting on Krissy.”

“She’s the one with the restaurant, right?”

“Yep, that’s her.” She heard a knock on the door. “And she’s here early. I’ll see you soon. Have a good show.” She watched Cheryl let Krissy in, and the women get acquainted.

“Come backstage before you go to your seats. Please, just for a minute,” Richie said. “The kiss you gave me this morning wore off; I need another. Bring your friends if you want to.”

Jennifer laughed. “How can I resist that? Alright, let me ask the girls.” She put her hand over the mouthpiece and turned to the others. “Rich wants us to all stop by his dressing room before the show, that okay with you?” She laughed at the screams that answered her. She went back to Richie. “Looks like we’ll see you sooner than I thought.”

Richie gave her instructions on where to go and who to call, and they left for the Garden. A 15-minute train ride later, and they were walking through the doors at the TD Banknorth Garden. After picking up their tickets at will-call, Jen pulled out her phone. “Obie? It’s Jennifer. Richie said I should call you after we got our tickets?” She listened for a minute. “We’re through the gates already, and up at the merch stands.” She listened a minute more. “Okay, will do.”

“What do we have to do?” Krissy asked.

“Obie said to grab a drink at the bar, and he’d send someone for us.” The girls chattered excitedly as they went to the bar. Settling in with margaritas, they toasted each other, and anything else they could think of. They waited a half an hour before a tall thin woman with a long brown ponytail tapped Jennifer on the shoulder.

“Are you Jennifer Petruzzo?”

Jennifer turned around with a wide smile. “I sure am,” she said. “Are you here to take us backstage?”

The woman, Susan, led the foursome through the hallways to an unguarded stairwell. They descended three flights to a basement and made their way through a series of hallways to a locked door. She swiped a keycard through a slot and the door slid open.

The girls all shared looks before following Susan into chaos. People were rushing around everywhere, wearing headsets or talking into walkie-talkies. “Stick close!” Susan admonished, weaving expertly around people and equipment. The four women trailed behind her like ducklings behind their mama. Soon, she stopped in front of a door labeled by a sign reading “SAMBO”.

Susan knocked on the door. “Rich? I’ve got your guests out—”

“It’s about damned time,” he growled as the door was flung open. He stood there in his snug black jeans, no shirt, and his hair still damp from his shower. “Where have you been?” he asked, grabbing Jennifer and hauling her to his chest. He slanted his mouth over hers, driving his tongue into her mouth and winding her hair around his wrist. Jennifer linked her hands around the back of his neck, driving her fingers into his hair and moaned into his mouth.

“Jesus,” Krissy said loudly. “If you wanted a pre-show screw, you should have left us at the bar!”

Jen jumped back from Richie, blushing. “Sorry. But damn, I couldn’t resist! Could you?”

Krissy considered Richie, giving him a slow once-over. “Probably not, seeing as how he’s half dressed and packing a whole freaking salami in his pants. Damn.”

Richie laughed and looped an arm around Krissy. “Sorry, darlin’, the salami’s for Jen. Come on in, though.” He ushered the girls into his dressing room and pulled a t-shirt off a hanger. He had everyone’s undivided attention as he pulled the tight cotton over his head. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Cheryl said. “Not a damned thing.” She shook her head and looked around the room. “So, I hate to say it, but this is kind of a dull room. I expected, I don’t know, something different, I guess.” The room was fairly Spartan. A couch with low coffee table in front of it, and a lighted vanity with stool were the only pieces of furniture. A rack of clothes stood to one side, and a good half-dozen guitar stands were scattered throughout the space.

Richie smiled. “All I have to do is shower and dress here,” he said. “I’m really a simple guy.”

As if on cue, a knock on the door sounded. “Richie? You ready for me?” A husky feminine voice called through the door.

“Sure thing, Leese, c’mon in.”

The door opened to a curvy brunette with a big black messenger-style bag slung across her body. “Dammit, Rich, your hair is almost dried. Look at the way the ends are curling. Sit down.” She pointed at a chair and Richie sat. Only then did the woman notice the others in the room. “Oh sorry, hiya, I’m Lisa, hairstylist extraordinaire.” The girls introduced themselves and sat on the couch to watch.

She dropped her bag on the vanity and set to work. She chatted with the girls while she smoothed product into Richie’s hair. They watched her do her job, and snickered when she had to use a straightener to get the waves out. When she was done, she smacked Richie on the back of the head. “Next time, tell me that you have company and need to be done sooner. You know damned well your hair is a pain in the ass once it starts to curl at the edges.”

“Sorry, Leese,” Richie said contritely, pouting prettily. “Will you ever forgive me?”

“Oh stuff it with that face,” she said, disgusted. “You know I can’t stand it when you pout at me. Now, don’t fuck up the ‘do.” She looked at Jennifer. “And you, keep your hands out of it. Don’t make me come back here.” She winked to take the bite out of her words. “Now I have to go deal with Curly. Lord help me. Bye!” And just like that, she was gone.

Richie looked at the girls. “Well, I think that’s all the beauty prep we have to do. How do I look?” He stood up and spun around, wiggling his ass at the girls.

“You look great,” Samantha said, “but you’re missing something.”

“I am?” Richie said, looking at himself in the mirror.

“The danglies!” the girls all yelled at once.

“You know,” Jen added, “bling strings on your ass.”

“Wanna help me put them on?” Richie asked, waggling his eyebrows at her.

“If she won’t, I will,” Cheryl said, laughing.

Richie pulled a pile of silver from a box under the vanity. “Here, pick some out.” The girls each picked strings of beads and thread for him to hook onto his belt loop. When he was sufficiently blinged, he spun again. “Now do I pass muster?”

A pounding on the door was the only warning they had before the Jon stormed in. “Rich,” Jon said, “Where the fuck – oh, hi Jen, ladies,” he said.

Krissy stood staring at him. His form-fitting tshirt and pants, matched with the twinkling eyes and wide smile were very difficult to turn away from. Cheryl and Sam were likewise struck. Jennifer had to laugh at their star-struck expressions and Jon’s self-satisfied one. “Oh, don’t get all cocky, there Jon,” she said. “Remember, I did the same thing the first time I met you, and I’m way over that now. The novelty will wear off soon enough.”

“Bitch,” Jon said, smiling at her. He shook each woman’s hand and kissed their cheeks. “We need to take Richie now, he has to do his fucking JOB,” he said, over their heads, catching his wingman’s eye. “You girls have fun tonight; Susan will take you back to your seats. AAR is about to go on, they’re pretty good.” Confident that his orders would be carried out, he turned and left the room.

Susan came in and started to usher the girls out. Jennifer lingered for a moment to give Richie another kiss. “Break a leg, baby, have a fun show.”

“I will, darlin’, thanks. Talk to you later, okay?”


“Bye, Richie!” the girls called over their shoulders.

Susan led them back to their seats just in time for the All American Rejects to take the stage. It was mostly the same setlist as the night before, but this time, Jennifer saw it from the front. When their set was done, the girls made a trek out for one last drink and to hit the ladies’ room. When they came out of the bathroom, they could hear “Jukebox Hero” playing in the arena.

“Hurry!” Cheryl called. “It’s almost time!” The girls knew that Jon liked to have that song played just before they took the stage. As the girls hurried to take their seats, Jen got bumped. She tried to grab onto the row of seats to stop her fall, but it moved, and she heard a loud crack then felt a burning rush of fluid to her knee.

“SHIT!” she cried out, grabbing onto the person in front of her.

Krissy leaned over to talk in Jen’s ear. “What happened?”

“I just blew out my fucking knee!” she cried, dashing the tears from her eyes. “And I lost my freaking buzz,” she joked.

“Can you stand? Do you want me to go get someone?”

“I can stand, I think.” She tested the knee carefully, and found she was able to put weight on it. “Maybe I just sprained it,” Jen said. “Don’t go anywhere; I don’t want you to miss this!”

Throughout the show, Jennifer had to sit down periodically to rest her knee. She rubbed at it, trying to get the pain to go away, but the dull throb was always there. Still, she was able to enjoy herself, and was fairly certain she had just strained it. A little Advil, a whole lot of ice, and she’d be fine.

When the houselights came up after the final bow, the girls waited until the venue was mostly empty before trying to leave. Jen limped her way up the stairs and stopped at the top, a cold sweat breaking out on her forehead. “Anyone got Advil?” she asked. Samantha pulled some from her bag, and Cheryl went off in search of a cup of water. Once Jen had the pills on deck, they started back for the hotel.

“Isn’t Richie expecting you?” Krissy asked.

Jen nodded, “Yeah, but I can’t handle it right now,” she said. “I’ll give him a call; I need some ice before I take you home. Richie’ll understand.” She pulled out her phone and dialed. “Hey baby,” she cooed when Richie answered.

“Darlin’, where are you?”

“Rich, I tweaked my knee and need to go ice it. I’m fine,” she said, when he started making noises about coming to see if she was alright. “Seriously; it’s fine. I’m going back to the hotel with the girls, and will ice it for a while before taking Krissy home.” She sighed. “Guess I’ll see you this weekend, sweetheart.”

“If you’re sure you’re okay...”

“I’m fine, I promise. Have fun and call me later, okay?”

“Sure thing, darlin’,” Richie said. “Bye.”

The girls made it back to the hotel in short order, and Jen settled onto the bed with a bag of ice on her knee. “Damn, fuck, shit, that hurts,” she complained.

“Are you sure you still want to go to New York?” Samantha asked.

“Oh hell yeah,” Jennifer answered. “I am not missing the show of a lifetime for a stupid little injury! It’ll be fine. I’ll pick you guys up at the train station at lunch time.” A short time later, Krissy and Jen left, sharing hugs and kisses with the others. Krissy carried all their bags down to the car, and they took off. A little while after that, once Krissy was home, Jen headed home. In the foyer, she took one look at the stairs and was grateful she had already packed for the weekend and brought her bags downstairs. She smiled at the thought of the little wrapped package nestled in her lingerie. She hoped Richie liked his birthday present. She dropped her current bags on the floor, rummaged through for her toothbrush, and went to the lav off the kitchen.

When Richie called, Jen was fast asleep on the couch. “Hello?” she said, a little disoriented at having woken up somewhere other than in her bed. She stretched deeply, and cried out when her knee shifted.

“Baby, it’s me, are you okay? You don’t sound okay.”

“Rich, honey, I’m fine. I just forgot I twisted my knee last night is all. What time it is?”

“Dunno,” Richie said. “Sometime after four, I think. What time are you leaving?”

Jen sighed and snuggled deeper into the couch. “Around noon. You?”

“Jon has us leaving in about an hour,” he said. “Told us we can relax when we’re in the city.”

“Okay,” Jen said, yawning.

“Go back to sleep, darlin’,” Richie said, chuckling. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“I am. Oh, and Rich?”

“Yeah, baby?”

“Happy birthday, sweetheart,” she said. “I miss you.”

“Miss you too, and thanks. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

“Sure thing,” Jen was on her way back to sleep already. She heard Richie say goodbye, then didn’t hear anything else until her alarm went off a little past ten.

Show Night

Monday, June 15, 2009
Around 11, the phone rang, startling them awake. Jennifer fumbled for it. “Yeah,” she said.

“Jen, it’s Cheryl. We’re in Providence!” She paused. “Uh, did I wake you?”

“That’s okay,” Jennifer answered. “We should be getting out of bed anyway.”

“Again,” Richie added, making Cheryl squeak. Richie groaned. “I don’t wanna go to work.”

“He’s still THERE?” Cheryl said, laughing. “Isn’t he going to be late”

Jennifer chuckled. “They’re not going to start without him. I’ll get his yummy ass out of bed and showered and dressed,” she said. “We’ll be in town to meet your train, don’t worry.”

By the time Richie and Jen got to the train station, it was 12:30. Jennifer had a sign that said “WILLOW” and Cheryl saw it right away. She ran over for a hug from Jennifer, then stepped back and stuck her hand out. “I’m Cheryl,” she said to Richie. “Really nice to meet you.”

“What, no hug?” Richie said and pulled Cheryl in for a hug and slightly lingering kiss, smiling at the strawberry lip gloss he tasted. “Baby,” he said to Jennifer, “how many more friends you got?”

“Tons,” she answered, laughing. “But nobody said you have to kiss them ALL.”

Richie dropped the girls off at their hotel, still annoyed that she wouldn’t stay with him. Jennifer was adamant that she wanted to spend this time with her friends. She had another girlfriend who was coming in to the hotel after work, and they three of them were having dinner before the concert. They had planned this long before she ever met Richie. She didn’t want to ditch her friend, and she didn’t want to ask for favors.

Richie went for sound check, and was totally distracted. Jon finally told him to “shut the fuck up and just play” after he messed up the words to yet another song. Chagrined, Richie just shrugged and smiled.

That night, the girls got to the show early. “Are you going to try to get backstage to see Richie?” Megan asked.

“Nope,” Jennifer said. “He has stuff to do, and besides, they’d never let me back there.”

“I’ll betcha Obie would,” Cheryl insisted.

“Maybe,” Jennifer said, “but he wouldn’t let you guys back, and I’m not ditching you. Now, c’mon, let’s find our seats.”

Cheryl had fan club seats, and was close to the front of the stage. Jennifer and Megan had seats behind the stage, but close to. When the lights went down, Cheryl texted Jen. “I can’t believe we’re actually here!”

When Richie took the stage, he scanned the first few rows for Jennifer, but couldn’t find her. Cheryl texted again. “He’s looking for you.”

David saw Jen right away.

When the house lights were still up, and he was taking his place on the dais, David looked around, as he usually does, and did a double-take when he saw Jennifer and another woman screaming and waving. Jennifer waved her cowboy hat at David and blew him a kiss, which he returned.

At one point during the opening song, David motioned Richie over. “I see your girlfriend doesn’t rate good seats there stud,” and tilted his chin toward the back of the stage where Richie saw Jennifer with another girl he hadn’t met yet, dancing and laughing and waving.

Richie smiled and said to David, “She wouldn’t tell me where her seats were,” then continued with the show. David kept looking up where Jen and her friend were, and smiled and winked at them often. Richie kept turning to the back of the stage; ostensibly to get a drink of water or fresh piece of gum, but really he wanted a glimpse of Jennifer.

After the final bows, and once Richie was back in his dressing room, he exchanged text messages with Jennifer.

“Come back to hotel w/me?”

“Sorry, baby, already on train. You were awesome. Oh yeah, the others were, too lol.”

“Dammit, I’m coming over”

“Room 202 and hurry”

Richie hurried to get cleaned up, and set out for the Midtown. It was a modest hotel, bordering on shabby, tucked in behind Symphony Hall, and close to the train. He shook his head. He’d put her up anywhere, she knew that. Didn’t she?

He went up to room 202 and knocked. A woman answered who was not Jen. “Holy shit,” Megan said, then turned into the room. “Jen, your boyfriend is here.” She turned back to Richie and introduced herself. Richie leaned into kiss her when Jennifer came out of the bathroom, freshly showered, and in her nightclothes.

“Hey you,” she said happily, a flush creeping over her skin. “I see you can’t seem to keep your lips off my friends..”

“Hey yourself,” Richie answered, his eyes darkening with desire as he looked at Jennifer.

Megan cleared her throat. “Uh, I’ll be in Cheryl’s room,” she said, and grabbing her suitcase, disappeared through the adjoining doors into the next room.

Neither Richie nor Jennifer noticed.

The next morning, Jennifer woke to a pounding on the door. Richie slept on, oblivious. “What the hell is that?” Jennifer asked, looking sleepily around the room. On the nightstand, Richie’s phone buzzed. Richie didn’t move. “Fuck,” Jennifer said and staggered out of bed. Somehow, with their overnight acrobatics, the sheet had come loose from the mattress. Jennifer wrapped it around her, holding it closed at her breasts, hiked the duvet up over a naked Richie, and stalked to the door.

“What the hell -- ” Jennifer’s tirade was stopped mid-stride as she flung the door open on a gorgeous and very irritated Jon. He was on the phone, and when he snapped his phone shut, the buzzing on her nightstand stopped.

“Jesus, he’s still in bed, isn’t he?” Jon said, by way of greeting.

“Good morning to you too.” Jennifer said, rolling her eyes. “And no, it’s 9:00 in the morning. Of course he’s up. I always hang out in a toga with bed-head.”

The door to Cheryl’s room opened, and Megan came out, dressed for work. She took in Jen’s attire, and the man she was talking to, and smiled. “Damn Jennifer, when I die, I wanna come back as you.” She winked at Jon. “Great show last night,” she said.

“Thanks,” Jon answered.

He stood back to let Megan give Jen a hug and didn’t miss her whispered comment. “Jesus Jen, both of them?”

Jennifer laughed and shook her head. “No, one is more than enough for me. Go to work, you slut,” she said. “I’ll call you later, after his majesty and sleeping beauty in there leave.”

Megan peeked into Jen’s room, and saw Richie’s leg sticking out from under the covers. It was tanned all the way from toe to hip. She sighed. “Yep, I definitely wanna come back as you.”

“Bye, Megan,” Jennifer said, as the other woman walked away. “Now,” she said, turning her attention back to Jon. “What in the hell could he possibly be late for this early in the day?”

“Well, Ms. Know-it-all, we had a breakfast thing today, and he missed it.”

“That’s just cruel,” Jennifer said, smiling.

“What is?”

“Making him get out of bed that early on the day after a show.”

“Hell, woman,” Jon said, amused, “he sleeps in all the time regardless of whether we have a show or not. Jon strode past Jennifer into the room.

“Come on in,” she said sarcastically, and shut the door behind him.

Jon took in the room. There were twin queen beds, and he wondered how in the hell Richie fit in there. There was a standard-issue wing chair in the corner, that looked like it had seen better days, and a desk and chair by the window that was covered in Jen’s stuff. “I thought you had dough?” he said. “This is the best you can do?”

“No, you jerk,” Jennifer said. “Megan and Cheryl are on a tighter budget than I am, and they wouldn’t let me pay for a suite at the Ritz. So I picked someplace we could all stay together.” She looked lovingly at Richie, and Jon nearly swallowed his tongue. “He was pissed at me for not letting him get me a hotel room.”

“Yeah, he does like to get his own way, and can get downright bitchy when he doesn’t,” Jon answered. “Almost as bitchy as me.” He crossed the small room to the unused bed, and took a pillow from it. Smirking, he put the pillow over Richie’s face, and pressed.

After about two seconds, Richie started struggling. Jon let go before Richie could land the punch he threw. “Get up, princess,” Jon said. “We actually have work to do.”

“Fuck you we do, Kidd,” Richie said. “It’s nowhere near lunchtime yet.”

“Did you forget that breakfast we had?” Jon shook his head.

“Oh yeah,” Richie said, sitting up. He pulled the blanket with him as he got out of bed and aimed for the small bathroom. “Sorry about that.” To Jennifer, he sounded anything but.

A few minutes later, the toilet flushed, and Richie came out wearing a towel around his waist. “I was up late last night,” he said to Jon, throwing a wink at Jennifer. Jon looked at the red-faced woman and back at the bed.

“Yeah, I see that. How the fuck did you manage not to fall out of that bed?”

“I had incentive to stay in it, don’t you think?” Richie said, pulling Jennifer to him and kissing her temple.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jon said, smiling indulgently. “Now get cleaned up and let’s go. You do still have a job to do.”

Richie gave a long-suffering sigh. “Oh, alright.” He pulled Jennifer in for a long, slow kiss. “That’s gonna have to hold me over until tonight.”

“Tomorrow,” Jennifer corrected. “Remember? I have to take Krissy home tonight, and then I’m coming back to pick up the girls to come to New York.”

Jon laughed. “Jen, one thing to know about Richie, if you tell him something he doesn’t want to hear, he promptly forgets it.” Richie shot him a murderous look, which Jon just shrugged off. “Go get dressed,” he told Richie. “I clearly have some educating to do.”

Richie leaned in to whisper in Jennifer’s ear. “Don’t listen to anything he says, darlin’. I’m perfect.”

“I think so,” she answered, and licked Richie’s ear. “Now go get ready for work.” Reluctantly, Richie went into the bathroom.

Jon had made himself at home, flopping down on the unused bed, and sitting back against the headboard. “So,” he said quietly, crossing his ankles and lacing his fingers on his taut stomach. “Are you going to be around tomorrow night? You do know what day it is, right?”

Jennifer laughed. “Yes, of course I know. But listen, I’m not sure. I know we’re planning to hit the city sometime late-afternoon; I imagine we’re doing shopping and dinner...I don’t really know what the plans are. I had these plans long before I met Rich, you know.”

“I know,” Jon said, nodding. “Well, let us know where you’ll be, and we’ll see if we can’t get you two together.”

“You’d hang out with my friends?”

Jon shrugged. “Sure, why not?

Jennifer just shook her head. “I’ll definitely call you.”

Richie flung the bathroom door open. “I hope you didn’t pay any attention to him,” he said. “Jon just likes to hear the sound of his own voice.”

“Fuck you, man, lots of people like my voice!” Jon grinned while Richie rolled his eyes.

“Yeah sure. You could sound like shit as long as you wore your pants tight. The women don’t care what you sound like.”

“Oh, and they give a shit what you sound like?”

Jennifer was laughing at the two of them. “Boys,” she said. “I’m about to drop this sheet and go take a shower. Only one of you wants to see that, and the both of you have stuff to do. Now,” she kissed Richie firmly on the mouth and Jon chastely on the cheek. “Get your asses out of my room.” Jen stalked to the door and opened it, standing in the doorway and ushering them out.


Saturday, June 6, 2009
Wednesday dawned bright and clear. The sun peeked into the window and woke Richie from a dead sleep. He had no idea why he was awake. He looked around the room, and saw that Jennifer was gone. “That’s why I’m awake, dammit,” he said, chagrinned. He took care of business in the bathroom, drew on a pair of jogging shorts, and went in search of his girl.

He wandered downstairs and through the kitchen, and found coffee, but no Jennifer. He crossed the great room, laughing to himself at the mental image of her huddling in the fireplace hearth to keep warm in the winter, but she wasn’t there. He went into the office, and thought he heard the thump of a baseline. He smiled. She was getting a workout in.

Richie went back to the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee before drifting downstairs to the studio. The closer he got the more the baseline morphed into a tune he should have recognized right away as one of theirs. Then he got to the studio door, and nearly dropped his mug. Through the one-way glass into the studio, he saw that Jennifer was – is that? – holy shit, it was. She was dancing on a stripper’s pole. She was wearing some sort of leotard, as his daughter would call it, nearly the same color as her flesh. She looked like she was nude. Richie’s cock reacted violently.

The music pouring through the speakers was sultry and sexy and damn, he’d never hear the song quite the same way again.

When the angels hung out in Eden they saw Adam chasing Eve
They said grab your boots, your coat, your hat
My boy, it's time that you leave
She asked me if I'd like to play but she knew that I was broke
I cashed my chips in months ago
This smile is just mirrors and smoke

Temptation…Temptation, go home, Lord
I'm walking straight into the ocean
Tell the tide I'm on my way
I'm gonna hang my head down tonight on Damocles' sword

Richie fumbled his mug onto a table and pressed his hands against the window. He watched as Jennifer spun around the pole, bumping and grinding better than any exotic dancer he’d ever seen. When she grabbed the pole about two-thirds of the way up and jumped up to lock her legs around it, he reached for the knob.

Twist my wrist…Tell me I should resist
But the flesh is weak..Here comes… the kiss…

Jennifer was dangling upside down, eyes closed, and didn’t notice the door opening. She loosened her legs enough to slide down the pole and when her hands touched the ground, she let go, and braced her feet against the pole for a moment before pushing off and sinking to the floor into a split, bending to lay atop her extended leg. Richie’s mouth went dry.

Temptation…Temptation, go home, Lord
I'm walking straight into the ocean
Tell the tide I'm on my way
I'm gonna hang my head down tonight on Damocles' sword

When the song ended, “Let’s Make It Baby” started, and Richie moved. Jennifer saw the motion out of the corner of her eye and grinned. “Good morning, sweetie. Why are you up? It’s still morning.” She slowly straightened from her leg, and leaned backward, bending her back knee so her foot would touch the back of her head.

“Morning, darlin’,” Richie said gruffly. “You are mighty bendy this morning.”

Jennifer straightened again and pushed up with her hands, bringing her legs together before standing slowly. “I’m bendy every morning, baby,” she said sexily. “You didn’t answer my question.”

Richie colored slightly. “I don’t really know,” he said. “I woke up and you weren’t there, and I came looking for you and holy shit, look what I found.” He motioned to the pole.

Jennifer looked at him sideways. “You took the fifty cent tour, you knew that I had this here,” she said.

“Yeah,” Richie said, “but I didn’t know that you USED it.”

Jennifer laughed. “Why the hell else would I have it if not to use it? You’re silly. What do you want for breakfast?”

“You,” Richie said, advancing on her.

“But I’m all sweaty,” Jennifer complained.

“Doesn’t bother me,” Richie said, closing the distance between them. He took her in his arms and slanted his mouth over hers, tracing her lips with his tongue.

I can read your lips
I don't need no translation
They want more than a kiss
I want to make my donation

Richie smiled and broke the kiss. “Sorry, darlin’, but I can’t do this with Jon in the room,” he said.

“Prude,” Jennifer said, laughing, and slunk across the room to turn off the stereo. Jon was cut off in mid-note, and the room was quiet except for their breathing. “Well?” Jennifer asked. “I shut him up, can you do this now?”

Richie chuckled and put on a predatory look. He started stalking across the room, and Jennifer smiled. Her eyes twinkled, and she bolted out the studio door. Richie let out a whoop and followed her. Damn she was fast. He caught up to her in the great room, just grabbing onto her arm and spinning her to him.

“You are not to run from me,” he said sternly, and let her arm go.

The only warning Richie had was a slight chuckle, and Jennifer was shoving him for all she was worth, and taking off again, this time up the stairs. Richie laughed and chased after her, bursting into her room a half second after she had slammed the door behind her. He leaped at her and tackled her onto the bed, the two of them rolling around and laughing like idiots.

“Jesus, Jennifer, I’m too old for that kind of shit,” Richie groused, lying on top of her.

“Well, nobody asked you to tackle me. You are taking this Soul ownership far too seriously.” She kissed him hard and fast.

“You ran from me,” he complained.

“I let you catch me,” Jennifer said smugly.

“LET me?” he asked. “Oh no, I got you fair and square.”

“OK, so what are you gonna do with me then?” she asked.

Richie drew the shoulders of her leotard down slowly, exposing her breasts and trapping her arms. He leaned in to suck first one nipple than the other into his mouth, and Jennifer moaned. She struggled to get her hands free, and let them roam over his chest and shoulders. They traveled down to the waistband of his shorts and pulled. Richie’s erection sprang free, and Jennifer wrapped her hand around it, stroking it greedily.

Richie wrestled the rest of the spandex down and off Jennifer’s body, having to get off of her to get it off her legs. He pushed into her with one stroke, and Jennifer gasped as he filled her completely. His thumb found her clit and made lazy circles over it. Jennifer marveled at how good he felt, his warm flesh touching hers. “Rich…” she said, barely a whisper. “Stop.”

Richie froze instantly. “What’s wrong, darlin’?”

“No protection,” she said.

“Shit. Don’t move,” Richie said, and withdrew.

“I’m sorry,” Jennifer said, nearly in tears.

“Don’t be,” he answered, stroking her cheek. “I’m sorry I forgot.” He kissed her and reached into the nightstand for a condom. Sheathing himself quickly, he returned to her, and took her in his arms. Slowly, he pressed into her, and groaned as her muscles stretched again to accommodate him. He stroked her slowly, lovingly, until she came, sobbing his name. Richie increased his speed until his release came, then collapsed next to her, bringing her to her side. He cleaned up the condom before kissing her gently and cuddling her to him. They slept like that for hours, as the sun rose higher in the sky.

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