Well I went and did it again. I got involved in yet another interactive fan fiction story. This time, my character was paired with Richie (much more to my liking). That story wrapped in early November 2008, and I had been asked to assemble the "story posts", that is, the posts that tell Richie and Jen's story, in one place for people to read.

So I'm doing it.

I'm having to add some filler as I go, as there were lengthy pauses between the verbose posts I made, but I'm trying to keep the flow of the story going.

The Richie/Jen story is only half of the fan fic project. The other half was a Jon/T story. That is not explored here at all. In fact, very little mention is made. Just enough so it isn't a surprise when T shows up at various points.

If anything is confusing, please let me know. I've been living this character for the better part of the last eight months, and her memories are mine. I forget, sometimes, that you all can't see into my head.

I hope you enjoy the story. It starts here.

~ Hath

Guests For Breakfast

Saturday, December 13, 2008
Wednesday morning, Richie woke disappointed. He’d hoped that Jennifer would have come by last night, so they could finish what he started in her suite. He looked at the clock. It was 10am, which was early for him, but he figured she had gotten in late, so didn’t call her. He did write a note and slipped it under her door.

Good morning, Sunshine! I hope you had fun last night. I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight. Hope you and your friend have a great day. I didn’t want to wake you, so I’ll just say I’m on my cell, and will answer if I can, if you want to call.


He was just straightening from her door when Jon emerged from his room. He raised an eyebrow at his friend. “Just leaving or just arriving?” he said with a smirk.

“Just arriving, asshole,” Richie said, grinning. “She got in late last night and I was just leaving her a note.”

“A note? What, are we in high school or something?”

“Fuck you, man,” Richie said, laughing. “I don’t want to wake her.”

Jon looked at his friend’s face. “Yeah, you do,” he said, and crossed the hall in two strides. Before Richie could stop him Jon pounded on the door hard.

Jennifer jumped up out of bed and was in the sitting room of her suite without knowing quite why. There was some sort of loud noise...there it was again. Someone was pounding on her door. She saw the note under her door, and picked it up, scanned it quickly, then threw open the door. There was Jon, looking smug. “Here ya go,” he said to Richie. “She’s up.”

“What the hell is going on?” Jennifer was confused, and not sure if she was awake or not yet. Her hair was all wild, having been left down when she went to sleep. It cascaded over her shoulders in golden waves, and Richie itched to dig his fingers into it. Jon was studiously avoiding looking at her chest, but Richie could see the little peaks where her nipples poked through her camisole.

Jon rolled his eyes and cocked a thumb at his friend. “Casanova here is mooning around outside your door, not wanting to wake you.”

Jennifer slumped against the door jamb. “I see you have no such problems.” She yawned widely and stretched her arms up over her head, pulling the fabric of the camisole tight across her breasts, and raising the hem. She stepped back from the door, and looked at Richie. “You may as well come in. I’ll get dressed and order up some coffee.”

Expecting only Richie to take her up on her offer, Jennifer was shocked when Jon pecked her cheek on the way past. Richie kissed her more soundly. “Thanks, doll,” he said, winking at her.

They made themselves at home in the sitting room. She shook her head and handed Richie the room service menu. “I want breakfast, too,” she said, then went into the bedroom to get dressed. After shutting the door, she leaned against it and sighed. What the hell just happened? She quietly cracked the door open and peered out. Yep, the two of them were sitting there, arguing about what to order for breakfast. She shut the door again, and fired off a quick email to Samantha.

TO: samanthac@yahoo.com
FROM: thegoddesshathor@gmail.com
The two of them – JFBJ and RFS are sitting on my fucking couch ordering room service. Am I dreaming?

Jennifer dressed, brushed her hair and teeth, and went back into the sitting room, where the men looked up at her and laughed. “Nice shirt,” Richie said. This morning’s was Kelly green with an Italian flag on it. It said, “I’m Sicilian: Piss me off, and I’ll have you whacked.”

“Thanks, I like it. Uh...” Jennifer fidgeted with the ends of her hair. “What’s up?”

Jon laughed. “Nothing. We’ve got stuff to get done today, and this one here was going to be useless, I could just tell, unless he talked to you this morning. So, I took care of the problem.” There was a knock on the door. “Oh,” Jon said, “and I called the others and told them to come over for breakfast.”

Jennifer took a step backward and sat hard on the chair. “Why are you doing this to me?” she moaned.

“Trial by fire, baby,” Jon said grinning widely, and went to open her door.

“Make yourself at home,” she muttered after him, then went to sit by Richie.

He looped an arm around her shoulders and she rested her head on his shoulder. “What if I wasn’t alone in here?” she asked, looking up at Richie. “I mean, Gail and I got in pretty late, but what if she was here when dinkus over there pounded on the door?” Jennifer started laughing. “God that would have been priceless: not only the look on his face, but the look on Gail’s.” Richie smiled and dropped his mouth onto hers, and slid his tongue into her mouth.

“Morning!” David called as he came into the room. “Jesus, really?” he complained, making Jennifer jump and break the kiss, blushing. David sat next to her and looped an arm around her shoulders. He started playing with her hair. “Do we all get kisses like that?”

“No,” Jennifer said simply, making him laugh. Richie pulled her into his lap, away from David, now playing with her hair himself, sticking his tongue out at his friend. Jennifer wanted to purr at the feel of his hands on her, and melt against his chest, but didn’t.

“I don’t blame you ‘miga,” Tico said, coming in and sitting at the table. “Mornin’.”

“Hi,” she said weakly. “You know, I’m not even all the way awake yet, and I may be a little hung over still. This is so not fair.”

“Tough shit,” Jon said, smiling. “This is the way it is. We’re a four-for-one deal.”

Jennifer laughed. “I don’t see this kind of thing flying with T, you know. She’s way more awake in the mornings than I am. So, if you’re going to do this shit to her, well,” she sighed. “It’s too bad, but I guess Bon Jovi couldn’t go on forever.” She smiled at Jon.

“Fuck you,” he said, laughing.

“No thanks,” Jennifer answered automatically.

Richie squeezed her shoulder and kissed her again. “You okay?”

Jennifer nodded. “Yeah, I guess. It’s sorta like having my brother’s frat brothers hanging out. If I can put the holy-shit-it’s-bon-jovi reaction behind me, you guys are all pretty much normal guys.”

“That’s what we keep TELLING people, but they don’t believe us,” Jon complained.

“Maybe you should do random hotel room service blitzes,” she suggested. “Just walk in to someone’s room with carts of food, make yourself at home, and just be you.” She burst out laughing. “Start down on the 5th floor with Gail. She’ll love me forever.”

Room service arrived, and after Jennifer had the waiter wheel the two carts, since Jon ordered enough for an army, to the table. She cast Jon a withering look when he tried to take the check from her. David laughed. “Don’t worry, man, she can afford it. She told me so.” He winked at her. “You know, Jen, those are pretty tight jeans, and I still don’t see your balls.”

“Oh,” she said confused. “Didn’t you get the package I sent to your room? I thought you needed them more than me, so I had them cleaned and packed up all nice and purty, and sent to you. Huh.” She cocked her head and winked at him. I’ll have to check with the hotel laundry. She picked up the phone, and shrieked when a biscuit hit her in the head.

“Put down the phone,” David ordered. “Jesus, Jen.”

Tico embraced Jennifer. “You keep this up with him, and I will be your devoted slave forever.”

“Sorry, he just brings out the bitchy smart-ass in me, I guess.” She shrugged. “Sorta like my brother does.”

“He does that to all of us,” Jon said.

You can be a bitchy smart-ass?” Jennifer asked; mock shock on her face. “No way.”

Jon just cast her a glare that should have had her blushing and scrabbling to apologize. Instead, she just asked, “Where’s the bacon?”

Going Out On The Town

Friday, December 5, 2008
Jennifer called to make sure the car was on standby, and jumped in for a quick shower. When she was done, she put on a peach-scented lotion then slid into her going-out clothes. She had a sheath of white silk that was held closed at the back of the neck with a rhinestone clasp, and fell straight to the floor. It was cut so it left her back completely bare, and her breasts barely covered. The skirt of the dress was slit up one side all the way to her waist. She twisted her hair into an elaborate up-do, held in place by sapphire-studded chopsticks, and put on dramatic makeup. Her eyes, deep blue tonight, were done up like Cleopatra’s, thick with kohl.

When Jennifer was satisfied with the results, she put on a sapphire pendant that hung low between her breasts, and matching chandelier earrings hung from the lowest holes in her ears. A sapphire and diamond cuff bracelet adorned her wrist, and white strappy sandals with a four-inch heel completed the look. She spun in front of the mirror. She looked damned good. She had a white cashmere shawl to take with her in case it got chilly, and was ready with almost a half-hour to spare.

She called Richie’s cell. “Hey you,” she said. She was surprised he’d answered; she expected to have to leave him a message.

“Hey yourself!” Richie answered. “Are you in your room?”

“Yes, but--” she looked at the phone; he hung up on her! She laughed when the knocking started. “Who is it?” she said sweetly.

“It’s me,” Richie said, smiling.

“Who’s ‘me’?” Jennifer teased.

“Open the damned door,” Richie yelled, laughing.

When Jennifer opened the door, Richie took a staggered step backwards. “You…what…whoa…” he said, unable to form a coherent thought.

“Is there a problem?” Jennifer asked innocently. Richie just shook his head. “Wanna come in for a little while?”

Richie nodded, and Jennifer motioned him in. He stepped in and she shut the door, and he hadn’t yet taken his eyes off of her. She smiled and crossed the room, giving Richie a view from the back and he groaned, “F-u-u-u-u-u-uck… You’re wearing that out?” he said, sounding all possessive and making Jennifer’s heart trip.

“I was planning on it, why? Too risqué for a blues club?”

Richie looked at her. No, risqué wasn’t the word. He didn’t know what the word was, but he didn’t want anyone else looking at her like he knew he was looking at her. He simply shook his head. “You look amazing.”

“I do clean up good,” Jennifer laughed, and winked. “Hello?” She waved her hand in front of Richie’s face. “Blink, baby,” she said.

“I think I see the last tat,” he croaked, his mouth dry. Jennifer looked down. The edges of the rays of the sunburst that circled her left nipple were visible, and Jennifer shifted her dress so it wasn’t anymore.

“Oh, crap, I didn’t want that showing.” She was blushing now at Richie’s open staring. “You’re staring. You’re giving me a complex,” she said nervously. “Cut it out. I’m still the same person you know, just all dressed up.”

“Can I see it?” Richie asked, trailing a finger along the edge of her dress and raising gooseflesh in his wake.

“Rich…” Jennifer hesitated.

“Please,” he begged. When she reluctantly nodded, Richie slowly, gently, slid the left side of her dress away. He sucked in a breath when he saw the starburst. He traced around the ink, watching, fascinated, as Jennifer’s nipple pebbled. “This must have hurt something awful,” he said.

“Not too bad,” Jennifer answered; her voice husky. She couldn’t quite believe it was her standing here, breast bared, being touched by this man. It couldn’t be her. It had to be a dream.

His finger came achingly close to flicking over the rosy bump, and Jennifer sucked in a breath. Richie looked up at Jennifer’s face, and leaned in for a kiss. He cupped her breast lightly, testing its weight, and Jennifer moaned into Richie’s mouth. He broke the kiss and stepped back, covering her back up with shaking hands. “Darlin’,” he rasped, “if I don’t stop now, you are not getting out of here in one piece.”

“Rich, I —“ the phone ringing interrupted her thoughts. She slowly crossed the room, and picked it up on the fourth ring. “Yes?” she asked.

“Hath! I’m ready when you are sweetie. I’ll wait for you downstairs!”

Gail’s voice penetrated the fog in her head. “OK, G, I’ll be there in a few.” Gail made kissy noises into the phone and hung up. Jennifer turned to find Richie standing on the balcony, looking out into the twilight, arms braced on the wall in front of him. “Everything okay out here?” she asked, going for a lightness she didn’t quite pull off.

“Yeah,” he said, his voice a little strangled, though he still kept his back to her. “I’m fine. I just need a minute.”

“For what?” Jennifer took a step out, but stopped, still not comfortable out there. “Rich, what’s wrong? Turn around, please, you’re scaring me.”

He turned, and Jennifer saw why he needed a minute. The front of his pants was distended with his erection. Jennifer’s eyes went wide, and Richie smiled. “I need a minute, darlin’,” he said, “to get myself under control before I attack you.”

“Oh!” Jennifer said, blushing. “I’m sorry, I –“

“Don’t apologize for being desirable, Jennifer. I sure as hell am not sorry.” He looked at her, craving and hunger plain in his features. “Well I am kinda sorry you have plans for tonight,” he said with a wry smile. Jennifer just gaped at him, and Richie laughed. “Don’t worry,” he said, holding up a hand. “I wouldn’t dream of coming between you and your girlfriend tonight. We have all the time in the world for,” he twirled his hand in the air, “this.”

He walked slowly toward her, somewhat more in control of himself now. “I’m gonna go now, darlin’, and let you get on with your evening.” He stopped in front of her, and pulled her in for a steamy kiss. “You go fix your lipstick, and maybe I’ll see you later.” He smiled at her, tapped her nose with his fingertip, and was gone. Jennifer fixed her makeup, wrapped her shawl around her shoulders, and left her suite.

Shaking on her heels, Jennifer walked to the elevator. Gail was already waiting for her in the lobby when she got there. She had on a halter-neck turquoise top, cut low on her chest, with a silver hoop belt, sparkly jeans and silver 5-inch stiletto shoes. Her hair was down, and hung straight and shiny over her right shoulder. Her makeup was flawless, and her eyes exactly matched her top. When she saw Jennifer, Gail’s eyes widened. “Where the fuck do you think we’re going tonight?”

“What do you mean?” Jennifer asked. “I’m dressed up to go out.”

“Fuck me, you’re dressed for attention,” Gail said, laughing.

“Well why not?” Jennifer retorted. “What’s the fun of going out if you’re not going to be noticed?” She winked at Gail, hoping her color had returned to normal. “So, do you want to just go, or do you want drinks first?”

“Let’s go,” Gail said. “We can have drinks at the bistro.” Jennifer checked with the concierge, who confirmed that her car was waiting for them outside. When they went out, Gail whistled.

“Damn, Hath,” she said. “You sure do travel in style.” Parked at the entrance was a gorgeous silver Bentley, complete with gorgeous liveried driver. The driver’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he saw these two creatures gliding toward him.

“Ms. Petruzzo?” he asked. Jennifer nodded. “Your chariot awaits madame.”

Jennifer and Gail looked at each other and dissolved into a fit of giggles. When they were ensconced in the back of the car, they talked about the show the next night, and getting backstage. Neither knew quite what they would do when they saw the guys, though for completely different reasons. Gail noticed a little smile on Jennifer’s mouth. “What’re you so pleased about?” she asked.

“Oh, just thinking about their reactions when they see us all dolled up tomorrow night,” she said. “They’re gonna be just as speechless as we will. We’re going to knock them on their asses.”

They ate outside at one of the most expensive bistros on the quay, and argued over who would pick up the check. Gail won, saying that since Jennifer arranged for transportation, the least she could do was spring for dinner. They sat for hours after their steaks were gone, watching the ‘pretty’ people go by. They took guesses as to which ones had work done, and made up stories as to where they were going. They laughed and talked and sipped at their drinks until close to 10.30, when Gail informed Jennifer it was time to go. Jennifer pressed a button on her blackberry, and the car magically appeared a few minutes later. The ladies were handed down into the plush leather seats, and they went off to their next destination.

Blue’s Haven was a wonderful little hole-in-the-wall place tucked in between a defunct brewery and a clothing factory. It had high windows, a ton of ambiance, and a line people waiting outside to get in. Jennifer raised an eyebrow at Gail, who just laughed.

“The owners are friends of mine,” she said. “Besides, dressed the way you are, they’d let you in anyway.”

They approached the door, and Gail leaned in to whisper in the bouncer’s ear. “Hey there, Anatoly,” she said. “Got room for two more?” The big Russian looked at Gail, and swept her up in an enormous hug, spinning her around. He dropped a smacking kiss on her mouth, and Gail introduced him to Jennifer before leading her girlfriend into the dark, smoky club.

It was gorgeous, done up in dark wood and deep burgundy leather. The tables were all two-tops, with a pair of high-backed barstools set with them. The stage was currently dominated by a huge black man, who sang so soulfully, Jennifer wanted to cry for him.

“GAIL!” a voice called from behind them. The women turned around to find a 40-something couple approaching them. Gail’s face lit up as first the woman, then the man gave her twin kisses on the cheeks.

“Summer, Paul, this is my new friend from America, Hath. Er, Jennifer,” she said, introducing her.

They ignored the proffered hand and kissed her cheeks in greeting. “What brings you out here, then, Jennifer?” Summer asked. The woman was a diminutive 5’2” if she was anything, and couldn’t weigh more than 100 pounds sopping wet. Her slim black dress was a perfect match for her pale complexion and red curls, and her arms held dozens of beaded bracelets.

“I’m here actually for the Bon Jovi concert tomorrow night,” Jennifer said.

Gail laughed. “She and I won that radio contest.”

“For the backstage passes?” Paul asked. He was as different from his wife as night was from day. Where she was short, he was tall, taller than Jennifer in her heels. He was built like a linebacker, and had dark hair and a swarthy complexion. His hands were gentle on his wife’s shoulders as he stood behind her.

“You came all this way for a concert?” Summer asked, incredulous.

“It’s not the furthest I’ve gone,” Jennifer answered blushing a little. I’ve literally gone halfway around the world after them. I saw them in Australia back in the day.”

“Now that’s devotion,” Summer said.

“Nah,” Jennifer countered. “That’s just plain old lust.” The women all laughed, and Paul just rolled his eyes.

They pulled two tables together and chatted amiably for a while, then Jennifer noticed Gail getting twitchy. “You wanna go play, don’t you?” she asked her friend. Gail just nodded. “Go on then,” Jennifer said. “I’d love to hear you play.” Gail smiled and kissed her friend square on the mouth.

“Thanks, Hath,” and she was gone. Paul went to make their rounds while Summer stayed to chat more with Jennifer.

“You know,” she said, “Gail hasn’t brought any of her friends in here, not anyone actually, since her husband died. You must be someone pretty special.”

Jennifer smiled. “We are cut from the same cloth, her and me. We have so much in common it’s downright scary, and even over the internet, we knew we were soul sisters. I was coming here anyway for the show, long before I met Gail, but it’s going to be so much better with a friend.”

“Well, I’m just floored that she brought you here. Usually, she keeps this place for herself. It’s her refuge.” Summer saw her husband signaling her. “I’m sorry, I’m needed over there,” she said, nodding across the room.

“No worries; I’m just going to enjoy the show.”

Jennifer settled in to her bar stool, oblivious to the looks she was getting. She crossed her legs, bare over covered, and sat transfixed as Gail played through a set with the house band. She came back for a drink, and Jennifer stood to give her a hug. “That was amazing!” she said. “You are so good!”

“Nah,” she said, secretly pleased. “I do alright, that’s all.” They had just refreshed their drinks when a man stopped by the table.

“Gail, yer gonna sing for us, aintcha?” He was tall and beautiful, and had eyes only for Gail. Jennifer may as well have been one of the stools.

“Oh, I dunno, Ben” she demurred, but the he was having none of it.

“Hey,” Ben called to the room in general. “We want Gail to sing, yeah?”

There were catcalls and whistles, and Jennifer pushed her at him. “Go, sing. I’m fine.” Gail went up on stage and the band started an old Muddy Waters classic. Gail licked her lips, closed her eyes, flipped her hair off her shoulder, and let the words slide on out…

Want you to rock me baby, rock me all night long
Want you to rock me baby, rock me all night long
Well I want you to rock me baby, like my back ain't got no bones

Sun goin' down, the moon begin to rise
Sun goin' down, the moon begin to rise
Well I want you to rock me baby, till you make me satisfied

See me comin', run get your rockin' chair
See me comin', run get your rockin' chair
Well you know I ain't no stranger, you know I used to live right here

Want you to roll me, like I roll a wagon wheel
Want you to roll me, like I roll a wagon wheel
You know I want you to roll me over, you know how good that makes me feel

Rock me easy, rock your baby slow
Rock me easy, rock your baby slow
Well you know I want you to rock me so easy, till I don't wanna rock no more

Put your arms around me, like a circle around the sun
Put your arms around me, like a circle around the sun
I want you to call, call me daddy, let me lay down in your arms.

Jennifer closed her eyes and swayed with the music. Gail’s voice was fantastic; just the right combination of husky and sultry and was perfect for this song. When she was done, the crowd was breathless, and she’d imagine more than half the men were hard. She was awesome. A few more songs, and Gail left the stage to join her friend.

Jennifer was in awe of her new friend’s talent. Several people came by to talk to her or to see if they could cajole her into singing more, but she firmly turned them away. “I’m visiting with my friend,” she said. The girls had a great time turning down dances and accepting drinks, and rolled into the hotel about 3am. After dropping Gail off in her room, Jennifer went up to her floor. She stopped at Richie’s door and placed a gentle hand on it, but didn’t knock. Tomorrow, well today, was a busy day for him, with press appearances, interviews, and of course the show, and she didn’t want to be responsible for him being tired.

She kissed her fingers, touched the door, and went into her own room.

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